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Rose Meanings

Roses are the most popular in the flower community. Do you know different color roses have different Rose Meanings? Often this is overlooked when sending flowers to that special somebody.  Although the common meaning for love is roses, they also have other meanings infused in them based on their color. On Valentine’s day, roses make up most flowers arrangements delivered to Valentine recipients. When choosing flowers for that special someone, send the right meaning and select the rose color that sends that exceptional meaning.

History of Rose Meanings

Rose Meanings have a long history dating back to ancient civilizations. Roses have been a favorite with people around the world. Ancient Egyptian graves are known to have petrified roses and even before human time rose fossils have been discovered in Europe. Some religious documents make references to roses as a symbol of the blood of the martyrs. The Romans adopted the rose as a symbol love, secrecy, and beauty. Roman dining-room ceilings were displayed with roses, reminding guests to keep secret what had been said during dinner. The Latin words sub rosa means “under the rose” and to this day means “confidentiality.” Roses were also part of Greek mythology. The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, is said to have created the rose when shedding her tears and the blood of her lover Adonis.

Here is a list of rose colors and their rose meanings. This will help you understand the meaning of roses.

Red Roses: Love & Respect
The message “I Love You” is best served by sending red roses.

Dark Pink Roses: Appreciation & Gratitude
The message “Thank You” is best served by sending deep pink roses.

Light Pink Roses: Admiration & Sympathy
This color sends a message to convey beauty and grace.

Yellow Roses: Happiness & Friendship
To congradulate loved ones and your friends during happy times.

White Roses: Innocence, Purity, To Honor, Remembrance
To promote purity at special occasions.

Purple Roses: Enchantment & Enthrallment
The purple rose conveys a meaning that is widely used for enthrallment for first impressions. This also makes it favorite for Valentine’s day.

Orange Roses: Enthusiasm & Captivation
To promote new relationships.

Numbers of Rose Meanings

1 Rose – Love at first sight
2 Roses – A common love between both parties
3 Roses – I love you
6 Roses – I devoted to you; I want to be yours
7 Roses – I’m taken with you
9 Roses – Everlasting Love
10 Roses – You are perfect
11 Roses – Your the one that is most important in my life
12 Roses – Be my sweetheart
13 Roses – Secret friend
15 Roses – I am truly sorry, please forgive me
20 Roses – I am very interested about you
24 Roses – Cannot get you off my mind
33 Roses – Emphasize I love you
36 Roses – I will cherish our romantic moments
40 Roses – Genuine love
50 Roses – Regretless love
99 Roses – I will love you forever
100 Roses – Remaining devoted to you
101 Roses – You are my only love
108 Roses – Marry me
365 Roses – Can’t stop thinking about you
999 Roses – Eternal Love